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Boron Tablets - 75mg

Boron Tablets - 75mg

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We'd like to introduce you to our MOST POTENT Boron supplement, a dietary supplement designed to boost the body's intake of the necessary mineral Boron.

𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐁𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐟𝐢𝐭𝐬:

⮞ Supports healthy bone growth and maintenance
⮞ Can help to reduce inflammation and pain
⮞ May improve cognitive function and brain health
⮞ Supports healthy hormone production and balance
⮞ Can improve joint health and mobility
⮞ May have benefits for heart health and circulation
⮞ May help to regulate mineral balance in the body

Our supplement is specially formulated with a particular process of soft pressing, which ensures better absorption of its nutrients. Each serving of our tablets contains 75 milligrams of boron, and taking them is easy with our convenient, easy-to-take tablets. Our supplement is made with high-quality ingredients and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, ensuring the purity and potency of every dose.

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    Support for Healthy Growth and DevelopmentWhat is Boron?

    Boron is just one of the trace minerals your body needs to maintain optimal health and wellness. Boron is a mineral that is found in food and the environment. People take boron supplements as medicine. Boron is used for building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles and increasing testosterone levels, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination.

    We source our Select Boron from Potassium Tetraborate. The final formulated tablets have 30mg of elemental Boron per tablet. Boron is a natural element, making Select Boron natural as well.

    Recommended Use (Adults): 

    1 tablet daily or as recommended by a healthcare professional. Take with food.

    If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare professional before using this product. Keep out of the reach of children.


    Boron (Potassium TetraBorate)

    Other Ingredients: ProSolv, Silica, magnesium stearate, HPMC.

    Introducing New World Health Brand's Essential Boron Supplement

    Unlock the Power of Boron for Optimal Health!

    Get the essential mineral your body needs with our specially formulated Boron supplement. Each serving contains 75 milligrams of pure Boron, a naturally occurring mineral that is crucial for strong, healthy bones, cognitive and brain functions, and the maintenance of proper cell membrane function. This supplement also helps in assisting in the treatment of swollen, irritated tissues and the discomfort they cause.

    Key Benefits:

      • Supports strong, healthy bones
      • Promotes optimal cognitive and brain functions
      • Assists in the treatment of swollen, irritated tissues
      • Helps maintain proper cell membrane function
      • Simple to incorporate into your daily routine
      • Free from harmful additives like GMOs, dyes, gluten, and corn
      • Sourced from Potassium Tetraborate

    The Science Behind Our Boron Supplement

    Boron is a naturally occurring trace mineral that is necessary for optimal health and wellness. It is well-known for its role in the development and maintenance of strong, healthy bones, and in promoting optimal cognitive and brain functions. Our Boron supplement is sourced from Potassium Tetraborate, ensuring that it is of high quality and pure.

    Made with the highest quality ingredients and manufactured in a GMP-certified facility, you can trust in the safety and effectiveness of our Boron supplement. Easy to take and suitable for adults, our Boron supplement is a convenient and natural choice for families looking to support their health and wellness.


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