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Iodine Tablets - 12.5mg

Iodine Tablets - 12.5mg

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Unlock the power of iodine with our essential Iodine supplement. Iodine, a naturally occurring essential element necessary for human growth and metabolic function, is present in 12.5 milligrams per serving. To aid in the production of thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland, our bodies require iodine, which is frequently lacking in modern diets.
Easy to add to your daily routine, take one tablet per day for optimal health benefits. For our formula you use pure Iodine to maximize its purity and potency.
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What is Iodine?

Iodine is a naturally occurring essential element necessary for human growth and metabolic function. Today we aren’t getting iodine, but our bodies still require it to assist in the formation of thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland. Thyroid hormone is composed of four molecules of iodine and one molecule of the amino acid tyrosine. Scientific evidence clearly shows that a lack of iodine can cause changes to the thyroid gland directly leading to poor function of metabolism and immunity. Iodine deficiency promotes free radical damage in the thyroid gland, directly stressing the health of the gland.

Why is Iodine Needed?

Iodine is also needed to block various toxins from binding to and accumulating in the thyroid gland (fluoride, perchlorate, goitrogens in food). Problems with chemicals affecting the thyroid gland have been known for decades. A Russian study showed that general environmental pollution (of which the U.S. has plenty in every metropolitan area) significantly aggravates iodine lack (meaning pollution displaces iodine in the human body).

What's Inside?

Each New World Health Brand iodine tablet is non-GMO, dye free, gluten free, and corn free. It is sourced from Chilean salt mines and/or deep-water wells.

Each Select iodine 12.5mg tablet contains Molecular Iodine (5mg) and Potassium Iodide (7.5mg).



Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, Silica, HPMC