New World Health Brands

New World Health Brands CBD is a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (Symbol: SRCO), a multi-faceted company that has been in operation since 2004. Our ideology at New World Health Brands is based on the belief that consumers have the right to high quality, accurately labeled, and fairly priced CBD and CBD derivatives. We have used, researched, and tested products from other companies that simply didn’t provide what their marketing and labels promised. To us at New World Health Brands it is evident that not all CBD products are created equal. We have set a high bar for our company and we strive to look at the world differently by celebrating quality and integrity in our products and our team.

This is why we have taken CBD to a whole new level by mixing old world medicine with new world science to deliver the purest and most accurately labeled CBD products you’ll find anywhere.Our products are manufactured in the United States and have been tested by highly accredited state-of-the art agriculture testing laboratories to ensure that we consistently provide cannabidiol products containing only the ingredients and proportions listed and do not contain pesticides or other contaminants like certain molds and/or heavy metals. We also test to ensure that our products contain less than 0.3% THC and are legal in all 50 states.

At New World Health Brands our goal is not only to deliver the age old healing benefits of CBD but to do it in a way that is fair and honest.